Advan Notable Hits: Dine Brands Global, Inc. (DIN)

Notable Hit: (DIN:NYSE) On Tuesday August 9, 2022 Dine Brands Global, Inc. (DIN) posted better than expected revenues of $237.79mm surpassing the consensus estimate by +0.4% and in the same direction as Advan's forecasted sales. The revenue was up 1.8% YoY and in line with Advan's foot traffic data increase of 6.1% YoY at its restaurant chains for Q2 2022. As a result of beating the sales & EPS the stock opened +1.7% from previous close. Advan's footfall data has a correlation of 0.97 on a YoY basis with DIN's top-line revenue over the last 14 quarters.

Advan Hits: DIN correlation traffic vs revenue

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About Advan

Advan is the leader in the financial and real estate industries, enabling participants to analyze foot traffic data across multiple sectors, including retail, hospitality, consumer services, energy, technology, healthcare, REITS, financials and others. Advan derives its datasets using multi parameter models that analyze cellphone location data crossed with curated geofenced areas.

Top tier institutional investors spanning from quantitative hedge funds to fundamental asset managers have been the main consumers of Advan’s products.