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Advan: average CostCo daily traffic

Will CostCo benefit from stockpiling?

March 9, 2020

Recent news reports have highlighted an increase in foot traffic for CostCo as the spread of the coronavirus spurs people to stock up on essentials. Some analysis has put the number of visitors to CotsCo stores in the US up 72% year-over-year.

At Advan, we ran a detailed analysis of true foot...

Gamestop year over year

Myths and Truths about Retailer performance

October 22, 2019

Is Gamestop's traffic up? Is Jimmy John's traffic growing more than Subway's?

Every day some new analysis of cellphone location data portrays to measure the exact foot traffic in one or all of these, and every day we emit a collective gasp at the incredulous claims.

Let's get this quickly...