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Are People Holding To Their New Year's Fitness Resolutions?

February 8, 2024

The New Year is an exciting time for many, as it gives people a moment to reflect on the past year, and look toward the next. The tradition of setting resolutions in the new year is practiced by many, and it’s not uncommon to hear someone with the goal of getting back to the gym. In fact, several...

Starbucks Red Cup Day

December 18, 2023

We love our coffee like the next person. But, with our data we can actually qualify what the “next person” actually thinks.

Starbuck’s Red Cup days are an interesting indicator of the spirit of the moment. Let’s analyze how the chain has performed in the last few years on that day.

In 2017,...

Target foot traffic

The full picture for retailers: Supply and Demand

June 7, 2022

Target (NYCE: TGT) announced today that it expects lower profit due to high inventory.

It is counter-intuitive, but cellphone location data is measuring this discrepancy by monitoring Target’s supply and demand sides.

On the demand side, in the image below we can see foot traffic in Target...

Amazon warehouses

Amazon's Slowing Online Retail Growth Pressuring Stock Price

April 29, 2022

Amazon, one of the companies that benefited the most from the pandemic as shoppers shifted towards online shopping, is now experiencing a significant slowdown as consumer behavior started to change.

On Thursday April 28, 2022 the company reported $116.4 billion in revenue for the quarter that...

SoHo foot traffic

New Yorkers Are Gearing Up Back to Normalcy After Omicron Sabbatical

February 23, 2022

The hardest-hit New York City is bouncing back once again as Omicron cases continue to rapidly fall at the same speed they increased in mid-December and New Yorkers look forward to enjoy the city as it was before the pandemic. ADVAN’s foot traffic data shows an uptick in foot traffic mobility...

Black Friday visits across Advan Indices

Black Friday In-Store Shopping Lower Than Pre-Pandemic Levels

December 3, 2021

Traffic on Black Friday after Thanksgiving was materially higher across Advan Indices compared with last year’s levels. But visits are still down compared to 2019 records for most of the indices. Clothing and Accessories index saw an increase of 55% yoy but down 15.3% Yo2Y while Furniture and Food...

Advan Retail REIT Index

Mall COVID Recovery Update

October 5, 2021

Following up from our recent blogpost that we measure the recovery of the Malls, we have revisited all these properties to see how the picture looks like if we incorporate the full month of September. In summary nothing has really changed, the full recovery still remains to be seen. The foot...

Advan Retail REIT Index

Mall COVID Recovery, How Misleading Location Data Can Lead To Wrong Decision Making

September 13, 2021

There was a location data report published last month called ‘Malls Rise Once Again’ that caught people’s attention. It claimed that malls have made a ‘full COVID recovery’ and have as many visitors as in 2019. We at Advan live and breathe location data, so our intuitive response was ‘no way, how...

Groceries vs Big box stores MoM

Grocery and Big Box Stores Steady Out

July 26, 2021

While the world seemingly shut down when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, grocery stores had a steadier path than the rest of the economy. On the other hand, many big box stores like Target, Costco, and Walmart, experienced a bit more volatility with higher highs, but also lower lows. Big box stores saw...

Ben & Jerry

Has Ben & Jerry’s been affected by the recent news?

July 22, 2021

On Monday, July 19, 2021, Ice Cream brand Ben & Jerry’s announced that it will cease selling ice cream in West Bank. The announcement was followed by widespread condemnation from the Jewish community worldwide, and a stern warning from Israel’s PM to Unilever, B&J’s parent company, that there...

Miles Driven US

Does Memorial Weekend behavior point to renewed interest in travel for Americans?

June 2, 2021

The answer is: Yes and no. Road trips are back but air travel is slower to recover.

Using our latest traffic pattern data, some interesting new travel trends emerged over the Memorial Day weekend (MDW) - the unofficial beginning of the summer season for many Americans on the go. We believe this...

Amount Spent per Visitor - AAPL VS. AEO

The Luster of iThings

May 11, 2021

For years, Apple has been a force to reckon with. Many retail brands have seen their share of discretionary spending lost, as consumers prefer that new iWatch to some other luxury item, be it clothing or accessory.

But, is that trend here to stay? Has the consumer had enough of virtual items...