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Resident moves map

Are We Back Yet?

October 6, 2021

Migration and population trends for September 2021 are in. We are starting to see a slow return back to base, meaning residents returning to urban locations. But it is a slow process and by no means complete yet. Here are a few representative graphs that illustrate the point.

Resident moves from...

Southwest Airlines vs All US airports

As Delta Variant Picks Up, Airline Foot Traffic Pulls Back?

August 12, 2021

As people start to feel the threat of the new Delta Variant, Southwest Airlines is experiencing its effect firsthand. The COVID-19 pandemic shut down airports worldwide and Southwest was no exception, seeing an 89.65% decrease in foot traffic as measured by Advan between April 2019 and April...

Groceries vs Big box stores MoM

Grocery and Big Box Stores Steady Out

July 26, 2021

While the world seemingly shut down when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, grocery stores had a steadier path than the rest of the economy. On the other hand, many big box stores like Target, Costco, and Walmart, experienced a bit more volatility with higher highs, but also lower lows. Big box stores saw...

Foot traffic to fitness centers US

Have we reached the end of home workouts?

June 22, 2021

After months of cramped up home workouts, people across the U.S are now looking to get their fitness routines back on track. Our research data suggests that gyms across the country have been seeing increased customer traffic as a result of the recent easing of Covid restrictions and the...


So, how many people are working from home now?

May 19, 2021

Office properties and office leasing companies like WeWork are watching very closely the speed with which employees return to the office. The question at large remains: is the work from home (WFH) phenomenon here to stay, or will it prove to be only temporary for most?

Using Advan’s mobile...

US Vaccinations

Are we edging towards normal? How is vaccination affecting our footfall habits

April 21, 2021

With all the adults over 16 now being eligible for COVID-19 vaccines, the U.S. is on track to vaccinate 70% of its population by mid to late June. The vaccination pace has been significantly increased on a weekly basis since the start back in the second half of December 2020, hitting now an average...

Traffic at US airports

New Demand For Car Rentals And Rising Airfare Searches Are Signaling Americans Are Traveling Again

April 14, 2021

After a year of virus-related travel restrictions and with Covid vaccinations picking up steam nationwide, Americans are feeling more comfortable to get out of town, fact that is causing a surge in post-vaccination travel. Using our proprietary geolocation data, we can see the sudden increase in...

Employee traffic

Ford Says Chip Shortage Forcing Production Halt at Several Plants

April 1, 2021

Following the recent news that Ford is expected to halt production for two weeks in April due to chip shortages, and given our recent study on this exact subject few months back we wanted to take a closer look and quantify how the largest US carmakers and the industry as a whole is currently...

Ford, GM and Fiat/Chrysler

Carmakers are facing a new challenge: Chip Shortages

February 5, 2021

After the lockdown last spring that forced manufacturers from all sectors to halt production, auto makers now have to face another challenge: the global chip shortage due to the high demand on consumer electronics (laptops, gaming consoles, TVs etc.). The increased need for the technology devices...

Traffic to essential retailers

The Top 5 Mobility Trends for 2020

December 22, 2020

What a year it’s been! Few people will be sad to see it go and certainly here at Advan we are excited for what 2021 may bring.

To cap off the year, we’ve listed below what we think are 5 of the most interesting mobility trends in a year full of unexpected twists and turns. We look forward to...

Total shopping vs offline shopping

Consumer Discretionary Businesses see Light at the End of the Tunnel

December 15, 2020

There is no question that a segment of retail has moved online this year. Offline ( credit and debit card spending is down 15% year-over-year versus total spend according to transaction data from ConsumerEdge.

Foot traffic at consumer discretionary store locations is also 20% lower...

Airport Traffic Correlation

Airport Foot Traffic Shows 99% Correlation with TSA Screened Traveller Numbers

December 10, 2020

Advan analysis of footfall at US airports shows a gradual upward trend in traveller numbers, although volumes still remain significantly depressed compared to March.

Comparison with TSA screened passengers shows a very high correlation over time, of over 99%. This means that foot traffic data...